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The landscape of healthcare delivery continues to change.

The stress placed on physicians, nurses and support staff has never been greater. A substantial amount of research suggests that stress and conflict can lead to negative health outcomes.

Although stress and conflict cannot be eliminated, it has been proven that patients, physicians and nurses can all benefit when emotionally intelligent behaviors ("soft skills") are employed in managing stress and conflict.

Learn how developing "soft" skills will create effective and durable results for your organization and your patients.

Corporate DevelopmentCorporate

Research suggests that employees most often leave a company because of the person who directly manages them. Yet, just because an employee has not left the organization does not mean they have not quit.

Your employees are your most valuable resource and we want to help you maximize their engagement.

Our approaches utilize the Genos Emotional Intelligence Model and The COACHED Method™ to help your executives, managers and employees maximize their effectiveness in whatever role they play in your organization.

Learn how our approach can create an engaged, empowered and motivated environment in your organization.

You're Hired CoachingCareer

Regardless of your profession, if you are interviewing for a new job or a promotion, you are in sales.

For decades, researchers have explored why people make or avoid making decisions.

Those that understand and leverage the science and strategies behind this research will place themselves in the best position to hear the words, "You're Hired" or "You got the promotion".

Let us help you create your best chance of securing the job you want by teaching you how to leverage the science and strategies to successful interviewing and career navigation.

Learn how you can maximize your effectiveness!

Additional Services

  • Validated group, individual and 360 assesments
  • Group and individual coaching
  • Public speaking

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